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firing temperatures range from earthenware to porcelain depending on the result I am chasing. I tend to use simple pottery tools and more recently have moved emphasis from the potters wheel to hand building.

big-bellied stoneware jar, rough surface pinks and greys with beads and discs attached with wire.
straight sided stoneware jar. Layered glaze and slip, white breaking to brown. Broken surface wrapped in wire strung with beads.

multi-fired stoneware ceramic vessel form with porcelain discs and beads on kanthan wire

multi-fired stoneware with porcelain and stoneware beads on kanthan wire

tall jar with pink and purple flashes on white rough glaze. Discs and beads attached with  fine, black, protruding wire.

stoneware jar with beads and discs 

handbuilt terracotta with white slip and ceramic decals. Oval shape on rectangular stand.

handbuilt earthenware ceramic sculpture with porcelain wash and on glaze decals

torso on two-tier stand. brushed with white slip. decorated disc hanging on the base. ceramic decals on shoulders and base.

handbuilt ceramic sculpture with porcelain disc and stoneware beads

stacked vessel-shapes sit above a two-tier stand. slip and decal decoration.

handbuilt earthenware sculpture with decal images

three stoneware jars. rough surface - pink and grey glaze with flashes of lustre.

multi-fired stoneware vessel forms with lustres

 stack of disc shapes laid horizontally on plinths. Left - rough black clay and blue glazed porcelain. right - showing end decorated discs. Both have wire and beads.

stoneware and porcelain discs on stands both glazed and unglazed with phot-litho images

unglazed porcelain bowls on stand white, handbuilt, the other black and thrown. both decorated with black and white beads.

thrown and handbuilt porcelain with stoneware beads

black porcelain bowl on two-part earthenware stand. small earthenware torso standing in interior of the bowl.

wheel-thrown and altered porcelain bowl form on earthenware plinth. manganese glaze

wheel-thrown bowl on handbuilt plinth

handbuilt earthenware sculptural form with thrown bowl

two black, sturdy, oval jars with discs attached to top rims.

stoneware altered wheel-thrown with manganese gold-flashes and black clay discs

Graduated disc shapes stacked horizontally on black base. Rough black and smooth buff clays. Photo-transfer on front discs.

black buff and porcelain clays with kanthan wire

oval discs on wire, attached to tall porcelain stand discs decorated with photo-litho images from the paintings.

handbuilt porcelain with photo-litho images

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