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I prefer to work in series and on several paintings at a time. Here is a collection of recent work. I use acrylic paints because of the fast drying time.

abstract landscape with dark and light pottery shapes. dark horizontal lines  vertical bands giving a misty appearance.
off-centre horizontal division. partly obscured underpainting with light blue paint leaving bowl shapes to show through

untitled - ceramic forms on landscape. acrylic and graphite on canvas 1mx1m 

untitled - acrylic and graphite on canvas. landscape with ceramic images 1mx1m 

pale blues and pinks with dark landscape outlines. semi-opaque vertical curtain-like bands

abstract landform acrylic on canvas 1mx1m

fine detailed flat historic images on black background. overpainted to right of vertical strip. obscure writing

dialogues and references series - acrylic paint on canvas blacks and gold 1mx1m

misty pale abstract landscape bowl forms picked out with dark lines. centre lower bowls falling into ravine. large misty X to the foreground.

600 degrees C series - acrylic on canvas 1mx1m 

atmospheric landscape on long unstretched canvas. top 3rd greys with black and white obscure writing. lower section browns and sienna layered with black writing.

 dialogues and references series - acrylic landscape on unstreched canvas 

transparent  with greatly enlarged, transferred, black and white contact print. two layers visible

part of project - layered transferred images on transparent hanging

flower bouquet subtle pinks reds and yellows on black background. obscure writing in gold. bowlshaped sections highlighted

acrylic on canvas abstract flower forms 1mx1m

black and white bowl shapes on central off-white panel. surrounded by intense red. obscure writing surrounds largest bowl.

600 degrees C series - reds with pottery forms acrylic on canvas 1mx1m

like looking through a net curtain. greys purples and cream yellow. mountainous landscape drawn in the central section

dialogues and references series - abstract landscape 1mx1m

layered acrylic. intense reds and blues. long unstretched canvas. ceramic and human outlines drips and scratches

 dialogues and references series ceramic forms. acrylic on unstretched canvas

double layer transferred positive and negative images arranged in a circle on top of a semi-circle. obscure writing in black

exhibition project - layered images transferred onto transparent ground

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