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An enjoyable offshoot from the main ceramics. Using porcelain, stoneware and earthenware clays, the images are either fired on or into the clay/glaze. Each one is unique. The discs are both wheel-thrown and pressed and measure up to 15cm. wide.

Folded porcelain  with decal sterling si

A   folded porcelain, fired in decals, sterling silver wires cotton cord. size 13x19cm

A  porcelain, oxidised sterling silver wire, photo litho images. size11x11cm

Folded porcelain with decals sterling si

B. alternative view of A

Porcelain photo litho oxidised sterling

B. alternative view of A

white and black porcelain photo litho st

A  wheel thrown porcelain with photo litho and potato pearl and black porcelain beads, sterling silver wire. size 7x13cm 

Thrown white porcelain red_pink porcelai

white thrown porcelain, pink/red porcelain elements' silk whipping on cotton cord, sterling silver wires. size 12x15cm

grey thrown porcelain with black porcelain and potato pearl beads, silk whipping on cotton cord. size11x16cm


pale blue porcelain with photo litho image, white, pale blue porcelain and potato pearl beads on  adjustable cotton cord. size of main element 11x5cm

porcelain beads on adjustable cotton cord

white and black porcelain photo litho st

B. alternative view of A

gold leaf on white, thrown porcelain, porcelain and potato pearl beads, silk cord. size 7x9cm


grey thrown porcelain with white porcelain elements, sterling silver wires, cotton cord. size 14x8cm


porcelain, photo litho on adjustable cotton cord. 


porcelain glazed and unglazed beads on adjustable cotton cord

sterling silver with white porcelain beads and pale blue pendant. phot-litho fired in decoration 

sterling silver with glazed and unglazed porcelain beads

sterling silver with white porcelain disc vivid blue-glazed beads

sterling silver black and white porcelain with high-fired decals  

compilation of necklace/neckpieces.
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