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historic paintings ceramics

whites, greys, pinks, vague ceramic outlines. Fixed projected photo of my pots on stands.

unstretched double hanging acrylic and silver halide 140x180cm

left side deep blacks, reds and blue acrylic paint. right side whites and pale blues. loose brushwork. bowl shape running across both sides - rear panel off white with gold edge.

unstretched double hanging canvas. acrylic paint 140x180cm

black border - rich reds and gold with black and white photo projected and fixed to the surface. cross shape, bowl and writing.

double hanging acrylic and silver halide on canvas 140x100

photo of ceramic sculpture fixed onto canvas. Left side - bowl shape scratched into surface. right side - blue human outline.

single loose hanging canvas. acrylic paint with silver halide 140x100cm

loosely painted abstract acrylic in pale blues and strong sepia. dark vessel in foreground. obscure writing in bottom right hand corner.

double hanging acrylic paint on unstretched canvas 140x180cm

high contrast abstract based on ceramic and organic forms. dark brown black, with rich reds and white. human shadow on each side forming a bowl on stand image to the centre of the painting.

double canvas with acrylic 140x180cm

black white and red with oval shapes in white. half figure on right bowl shape on left abstract acrylic double hanging
semi-abstract, dark red blacks with ceramic shapes drawn in sepia on a light ground. white strips cross horizontally and vertically.

acrylic on double hanging canvas 140x180cm

acrylic paint on double layer of canvas 140x180

two terracotta pots - wheel-thrown and compressed. left - black with gold. right - burnished with black attachement

wheel-thrown earthenware vessel-forms with manganese - image widely used in paintings

jar with three attached feet. roughened surface, scratched lines with brushed-on manganese under white slip.
tall  earthenware  flattened with attached 'ears' manganese and gold lustre.

stoneware lidded pot with slip wash

terracotta with white engobe and stains. scatched decoration revealing red clay  attached lugs.

earthenware bowl form with porcelain wash and coloured stains 

wheel-thrown and altered form with manganese wash and gold lustre decoration. this piece is a constant reference in my paintings.

random altered rim, narrow foot - large vessel. crater glaze with brown lustre.

stoneware multi fired bowl form with lustres

two  black  porcelain  flattened shapes. both with black and red horizontal rods through upper. aluminium beads and threads attached.

wheel thrown altered porcelain with manganese and aluminium wood and thread additions 

fat-bellied pot with narrow foot and altered rim to give fractured appearance. lustres.

wheel thrown multi fired with lustres

large rough surface jar with scratched surface, altered rim. pinks and greys

wheel thrown stoneware scraffito and lustres

wide-bellied pot. pre-firing treated to allow parts of glaze to be removed post-firing leaving bare patches.
wide-rim bowl with scratched decoration revealing white porcelain beneath.

large porcelain bowl with sgraffito decoration


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