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I try to keep my preparatory ideas as sketchy as possible to allow for maximum discovery as I paint. These images are simply 'jumping off' points and wouldn't translate directly into a larger painting.

abstract acrylic on handmade paper  heavy brown/gold with loose brushwork in bottom righthand corner
mitre shaped ink on damp paper with pale green wash.
Pen and ink drawing with gold highlights.
black ink on paper three long brushstokes outlined with penline.
ceramic sculpture under construction.
detail of drawing.
making a large earthenware pot with altered rim.
ceramic pot on four block plinth.
acrylic paint on paper, pot shaped drawing with writing, greens and browns.
smudgy greens with pen drawing of straight-sided pot in black ink.
Pen and ink drawing of a pot.
silver halide print of two black pots with spine in foreground.
scrunched paper  green acrylic landscape with silver halide print of pottery.
mitre-shaped ceramic piece with zigzag cobalt decoration.
photo of elements used in paintings.
Sketchbook Image.jpg
acrylic on canvas - male and female ceramic shapes with connecting text, browns and greys.
photo-transfer - positive and negative on transparent ground with acrylic paint text
SDC11121 copy_edited.jpg
18 Sketchbook_edited.jpg
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